Lush Ltd

About the project

Lush Ltd is best known for its sweet-smelling, handmade cosmetic and bath products and a highly ethical approach to business life. So when it came to the comfort of their staff in a new office, energy efficiency was a key priority.

Why this project was brought in

Why the the client was brought in information intro
  • Tight deadline
  • Provide structural support
  • Real-time adaptations
When Lush decided to expand its office space, the company leased out a new unit in Dolphin Quays, Poole, a prestigious complex of apartments and office spaces. The leased units came with running water and electricity, but other comforts like air conditioning all needed to be arranged by the tenant.

Meeting Lush’s eco-friendly requirements

To meet Lush’s eco-friendly requirements, we chose to install Mitsubishi Electric’s City Multi VRF efficient heat recovery system.

Across the space, 12 ceiling-suspended indoor units have been fitted, with one additional floor positioned unit for a specific area. The beauty of the City Multi system is that excess heat from an area being cooled can be moved to other parts of the building that need heating, helping improve the overall efficiency.

Optimal efficientcy

This is a highly efficient option for Lush Ltd as it allows the air to be heated during the winter and heat to be removed from the air in the summer. To further meet their requirements, we came up with a solution using swirl diffusers which distribute the airflow in the building more evenly and ensure the experience is discreet.



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